21st African Water Association International Congress and Exhibition & the 7th International Faecal Sludge Management Conference (FSM7)

19-23 February, Sofitel Hotel Ivoire

Call For Papers

We invite the scientific community, professionals in the sector, as well as all actors involved in action for sustainable resource management and access for all to water and sanitation to submit proposals for papers for the 21st African Water Association International Congress and Exhibition & the 7th International Faecal Sludge Management Conference (FSM7).

This call for papers is addressed to:

  • communications intended solely for the 21st Congress and which will be published in the proceedings of the Congress and the Conference
  • papers which may be published in a scientific journal after approval by an empowered scientific committee.

A Scientific and Technical Committee, composed of renowned researchers and experts in their respective fields, has been set up for this purpose. This committee will review all abstracts and papers submitted to it.

Abstracts of proposed papers must be submitted to the Scientific and Technical Committee by October 14, 2022, the date of submission via the link indicated below.

The abstract should not exceed 1,000 words describing the objectives, results, conclusions and interest of the subject of the paper.

PowerPoint presentations of the selected papers must be received by the Scientific & Technical Committee between November 30th 2022 to January 20th 2023.

The complete papers, which should not exceed 3,000 words, will be published in the final report of the congress and convention.

When submitting the abstract of the paper, you should indicate if the paper is :

  • Intended simply for presentation during the Congress
  • To be evaluated by a jury for publication in a scientific journal

The official languages of the papers are English or French.

Paper proposals should specify the topic(s) to which they relate (see list of topic numbers below)

Important Dates to Remember
  • Abstract Submission Deadline
  • Abstract Authors Notifed for accepted papers with any changes required
  • Conference PowerPoint Deadline including the changes requested
  • Author Registration

Sub-themes and Topics below.



1 Water Resources Management and Climate Change

1.1 Source Protection and Watershed Management

1.2 Flood and Drought Modelling and Forecasting

1.3 Community Participation in Resilience and Adaptation

1.4 Energy and carbon efficiency

1.5 Water and Energy

1.6 Integrated Water Resources Management

1.7 Water Reuse and Resource Recovery

1.8 Water security and water safety

2 Universal access water

2.1 Extension of water service and service for the poor

2.2 Rural hydraulics

2.3 Unbilled water

2.4 Intermittent water supply

2.5 Optimization of water treatment processes

2.6 Drinking Water Quality Safety Plan and Management

2.7 Approaches to Effective Performance Management

3 Access to sanitation services for all

3.1 Off-grid toilets and distributed sanitation technologies

3.2 Wastewater and Faecal Sludge Treatment Systems

3.3 Social Marketing for Sanitation

3.4 Inclusive and safe sanitation

3.5 Integrated Waste Management: Recycling and circular economy

3.6 Self-contained sanitation and faecal sludge management

4 Governance and Performance of the Water and Sanitation Sectors

4.1 Policies and institutional reforms in the water and sanitation sector

4.2 Public-Private Partnerships and Stakeholder Engagement

4.3 Water and Sanitation Operators Partnership

4.4 Communication, knowledge sharing and social marketing tools

4.5 Smart and innovative solutions in the water and sanitation sector

4.6 Customer Relations and Social Engagement

4.7 Human Resources Evaluation and Development

4.8 Performance Improvement Tools

4.9 Applied Research in Water and Sanitation Management

4.10 Remediation Infrastructure and Service Cost Recovery

4.11 Cooperation for sustainable access to water and sanitation services

5 Financing and investment mechanisms

5.1 Public-private partnerships for financing the water and sanitation sector

5.2 Market-based financing mechanism

5.3 Sustainable financing of rural water

5.4 Green economy in the field of Water and Sanitation

5.5 Pricing and recovery for the sustainability of the water and sanitation sector

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